Highrock Hubs

Highrock Hubs are what we call our small groups. Like a hub of a wheel, energy and activity radiate from Highrock Hubs and work outwards as an invitation and witness to the beautiful ways that God intends to bring peace and wholeness to our world. In the smaller Hub settings, we aren't merely watching - we're experiencing grace as we encounter the Living God together.

If you've ever wanted to find a safe place to be yourself, if you've ever wanted permission to be more creative with your faith, if you've ever wanted think outside the box when it comes to church - a Highrock Hub is a place to start. 

Join a Highrock Hub

Men's Hub

Locations: Haverhill, MA; Atkinson, NH; Groveland, MA; Georgetown, MA
Time: Alternating Thursday Nights
Description: The Men's Hub meets to share life, read scripture, and pray together. Contact matt@highrockhaverhill.org for more information.

Family Hub

Location: Haverhill, MA
Time: Sundays
Description: This Hub is for families with kids. Email info@highrockhaverhill.org for more information about joining.