Highrock Hubs

Church can sometimes feel like something we watch instead of something we do. Something we observe, but not something that engages our hearts on a deeper level. Our lives, our communities, our world won't be transformed if we're only observing what other people are doing. Highrock Hubs are based on the idea that each person is uniquely gifted and uniquely called to play a specific role in God's story of redemption and healing. In these smaller settings, we aren't merely watching - we're experiencing grace as we encounter the Living God together.

Like a hub of a wheel, energy and activity radiate from Highrock Hubs and work outwards as an invitation and witness to the beautiful ways that God intends to bring peace and wholeness to our world. 

When we gather, we open scripture and open our hearts to the ways that God is moving among us. Right now, we have several different Hubs that meet in homes at various times and frequency. If you've ever wanted to find a safe place to be yourself, if you've ever wanted permission to be more creative with your faith, if you've ever wanted think outside the box when it comes to church - a Highrock Hub is a place to start. 

Join a Highrock Hub

Hybrid Hub

Locations: Haverhill, MA; Atkinson, NH; Groveland, MA; Georgetown, MA
Time: Various
Description: These Hubs combine in-person meetings in outdoor settings with online meetings. It's a great place to start new friendships and explore the unique ways you can contribute to God's work of healing and restoration. Over time, Hubs will choose to engage in specific work around justice and reconcilation. Some of these groups include children. E-mail info@highrockhaverhill.org for more information about joining. 

Online Hub

Location: Online
Time: Various
Description: This Hub meets entirely online to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19. Email info@highrockhaverhill.org for more information about joining.