Living Lent | 1 of 3

What Is Lent?

Marcus Privitt
Feb 09, 2020
Series Description

What is Lent? Is it a Catholic thing? An Eastern Orthodox things? Can Protestants even observe Lent?  Clearly, when it comes to Lent, there’s some confusion. Maybe even some apprehension, and a dash of skepticism.

In this sermon series, we explore what Lent means, why it's helpful, and how Christians can embrace the season of Lent as one way to deepen their relationship with the resurrected Jesus. 


Sermon Description: 

What even is Lent? If Lent commemorates Jesus’ 40 day fast and temptation before beginning his public ministry, what’s worth commemorating about that?

Each temptation makes Jesus about what Jesus does, not about who Jesus is. The questions make Jesus doubt his baptism - doubt the validity of God’s statement over him. We’re well acquainted with the voice that tempts - that accuses - the voice that says we are valuable because of what we DO instead of who we ARE.

And suddenly, these forty days become relevant to us.