Ezra/Nehemiah: Ancient Foundations in a Brand New World | 3 of 8

A Samaritan Origin Story

Katy Reigart
Jul 11, 2021
Series Description

What do we do when we face the unknown? When the tools and ideas that got us this far don't seem to be working anymore? When the path forward is not like the paths we've known?

Throughout the summer we will be looking at the idea of returning from exile, rebuilding, and regathering through the books of Ezra and Nehemiah. This isn't just about the impact of Covid. We've all experienced uncharted territory this past year. In this series, we examine how God’s people have responded to times of change and how they have rebuilt after times of exile. Join with us as we learn from the past and how it may impact our future.

Sermon Description: 

When the Israelites retuned from exile to rebuild Jerusalem the "peoples of the land" offered to help. Worried about maintaining their religious purity, Isrealite leaders vehemently rejected this offer. 

This raises important questions. How do God's people partner with those outside the faith? And what are the consequences, intended and unintended, of those choices. 

Sub-question: Have you ever wondered where the Samaritans came from?