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The Rhythms of Summer

Matt Webel
Jun 12, 2022
Series Description

For as much as we strive for balance, I’m not sure we ever really get there. Even if we manage to get everything just right so that things are in perfect harmony…it doesn’t last. Because life is constantly moving and shifting, it's hard to keep everything in balance. Maybe balance isn’t the right goal. Maybe, instead of balance…we should be seeking rhythm.  In Ecclesiastes 3, God tells us that for everything there is a season, or rhythm.

Not only do we experience winter, spring, summer, and fall in nature, we also experience these seasons in our souls. In this sermon series we explore the signatures and opportunities of the four spiritual seasons.


Sermon Description: 

Just as we experience physical seasons, we also experience spirtual seasons. In this sermon we look at the characteristics and unique opportunities that come with our spiritual summers.