Renovate: Made For This | 4 of 11

Renovate: Swimming Committed (Phil. 2:1-4)

Marcus Privitt
Jun 02, 2019
Series Description

When life starts to leak - when we start to feel lonely or purposeless…it’s tempting to slap another layer of activity on top. To try something new. To add more in the hope that it will cover up what’s wrong. A new car, a new gadget, a new hobby, a new job, a new city, a new adventure, a new relationship.  

We can pinball from one new thing to another. Sometimes it feels like we’re moving too fast to even enjoy it. We put out one fire only to have three more flare up. We feel busy, frazzled, stretched wide but not deep. Disconnected from people and from God and from purpose. Left wondering, at the end of a day full of activity, did it count for anything

Philippians boldly proclaims a truth: God is at work in you and through you. You are God's renovation project. In this series, we are invited to particpate in the renovation project. It's hard. It's costly. And it matters.

Sermon Description: 

Schools of fish are a wonderful image of unity. I think we all would agree that unity is important. If you take the Christian worldview, we could even say that we are designed for it...unity with God, Creation, and one another.

Sounds nice, right? But then reality hits.

Even though swimming in harmony may be best for us, we are continually tempted by our own interests. We want things our way...wanting our own preferences and comfort to prevail. And if our view doesn’t win out, the easiest thing to do is often to swim away with another school.

The challenge is not just saying yes to the Christian way of life...the challenge is continuing to uphold unity when things get hard.