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The Power of Love

Matt Webel
May 17, 2020
Series Description

Well, we're homebound. Our regular rhythms and relationships...disrupted.  Our outlook...uncertain. Thankfully, we’re not the first ones who have had to navigate challenging circumstances. Many first-century Christians had to wrestle with similar disruptions in their own lives. In this season, while we’re HOMEBOUND, we’re going to look at the Apostle Peter’s First Letter to a group of scattered churches. From the way we view God to the way we view ourselves, from how we speak to how we act, the resurrection changes everything. 

Sermon Description: 

This passage can be hard to hear: slaves submit to cruel masters. Wives, submit to your husbands. 

But when anything in Scripture seems like bad news…we should pause. The gospel is good news. Always. Maybe we're missing what God is saying. Let’s stay with these verses. The historical context helps us see them for what they are: good news about God’s heart, both then and now.

(Sermons starts at 21:02)