In Good Spirit: All Things New in the Book of Acts | 3 of 9

New Witness

Matt Webel
May 15, 2022
Series Description

The book of Acts is the story of the Holy Spirit coming to make a home in the lives of the followers of Jesus. The Spirit competely transforms the lives of these women and men, empowering them to share the Good News in their cities, regions, and to the ends of the earth. 

The same good Spirit alive in them is alive in the church today. In this series, we explore the ways the Holy Spirit transforms us to be Christ's church today. 

Sermon Description: 

Why is it so hard to talk to people about Jesus? Well, “Christian” is a pretty loaded term. It conjures up an association, and, unfortunately, in many cases, it’s not always positive. Mention you're a Christian and instantly everything someone thinks about Christians is catapulted into the conversation and applied to you. It's easier (and less awkward) to keep our faith to ourselves. 

But the gospel is good news for all people, news worth sharing with humility, gentleness, and respect. The encounter between Philip and an Ethopian eunich in Acts 8 gives us hope that sharing the good news is not only possible, but critical.