New Wine | 4 of 5

New Wine: Incarnational Spirituality

Marcus Privitt
Mar 10, 2019
Series Description

In the Bible, wine symbolizes the flourishing and joy that should characterize a Christian’s life. But we don't always experience flourishing and joy. Have you ever wondered if you’re missing something? 

Though most of us are familiar with one or two types of Christian spirituality, there are numerous rich expressions of the Christian faith. Just as different wines bring out the flavors of different foods, different streams of Christian spirituality can resonate with different cultures and even different personality types. 

Over the next five weeks, we will explore five types of spirituality to appreciate the beauty embedded in each. Perhaps you'll discover one that will open new ways for you to experience God and live a fuller life in Christ.

Sermon Description: 

Which of these things do you think bring you closer to God: Taking out the trash? Giving to Charity? Meditating? Scheduling Meetings? Hugging? Prayer? 

We tend to think that certain activities are clean, pure, and spiritual, while other activities are places in which we can’t find God.

But, God loves creation.

The Incarnational Stream celebrates the truth that God loved Creation so much that the incarnation of God, Jesus, came to earth to be with us. God is real among us. This has real implications for our real everyday lives and wants to be experienced in real ways.

The Incarnational Stream wants us to celebrate this life, and see everything we do as grounds for worship, gifted to us by a God who wants us to enjoy that which is very good.