Messy Together | 4 of 5

Messy Together: Friendship

Kristi-Lynn Craig
Apr 14, 2019
Series Description

Things are messy, because life is messy.

We're a new church plant. We're trying to do life together…and it’s messy. We will miss each other and step on each others will take work to find each other again.

Walking with Jesus IS messy. Jesus lead us into awkward, confusing, disorienting territory in order to change us and reform us into his people. A people full of grace for everyone. In this sermon series we we examine the faultlines in our relationships and how God's grace invites us to find each other in and through our brokenness. 

Sermon Description: 

To make friends as children requires very little on our part. When we were young, and even into our college age years, friendships are often formed simply by who we spend the most time with - which means it changes from year to year, place to place. But, as adults, we can get stuck: same place, same job, less time, more stress.

Making friends as an adult feels like incredibly hard work. Almost impossible. Almost.

As he showed with Mary and Martha in John 11, Jesus commits to building adult friendships. Like Mary and Martha, we, too, are valued and loved. God designed us to experience connection and belonging. And God wanted us to know this truth in such a demonstrative way that He would not leave us alone in our isolation and disconnection. Instead, Jesus chose to be the ultimate friend.

Instead of remaining at a distance, God entered our messy reality so that we could experience grace and belonging in unique and palpable ways.