Walk This Way: To and Through the Cross | 2 of 6

Endpapers - Judas Revisited

Brynn Harrington
Feb 28, 2021
Series Description

During this Lenten series, we walk alongside Jesus as he journeys to and through the cross to bring us life everlasting. Each week, we extend an invitation for you to go on a physical pilgrimage to a location that matches the passage that week. Being in a different physical space incorporates our whole being to respond to God in a different way. Sometimes we can learn new things visiting familiar places. 

Sermon Description: 

Judas Iscariot - the worst human being to ever live, am I right?

At least, that's how he's gone down in history: vilified, demonized, evil incarnate. So far gone that his struggles can't possibly be our struggles, right? 

All the same, Judas was a real human being - and we would be wise to think more honestly about his story and how he reached the point of turning Jesus into the authorities.  This kind of turn doesn't happen all at once...it happens slowly, as disagreement turns into resentment, resentemnt into contempt, and contempt into betrayal.  This Sunday, Pastor Brynn helps us see that there is a little - or maybe a lot - of Judas inside each of our hearts. 



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