Walk This Way: To and Through the Cross | 4 of 6

Dust - Carrying Our Cross

Brynn Harrington
Mar 16, 2021
Series Description

During this Lenten series, we walk alongside Jesus as he journeys to and through the cross to bring us life everlasting. Each week, we extend an invitation for you to go on a physical pilgrimage to a location that matches the passage that week. Being in a different physical space incorporates our whole being to respond to God in a different way. Sometimes we can learn new things visiting familiar places. 

Sermon Description: 

Jesus was forced to carry his own cross. Earlier, Jesus explained to his disciples that if they were going to follow him, they would have to carry crosses of their own. 

A Roman cross weighed around 300 pounds. They aren't easy things to carry. Nor is it easy to carry the thing upon which you are called to die. 

But if we are going to really follow Jesus, we need to follow close enough that our clothes are covered with the dust from his sandles.