James and the Giant Preach | 3 of 6

Deprived, Depraved, or Destined: Where is the Good News?

Steve Cushing
May 02, 2021
Series Description

Meeting Jesus, encountering Jesus, experiencing Jesus changes what we think and believe - about love, about power, about family, about money, about poverty. Changed by God, we reflect God’s heart out into the world. The letter of James helps us do just that. James doesn’t stay in the world of ideas and theory. James knows that what we say we believe doesn’t matter at all unless what we believe transforms every single aspect of our lives. The internal and the external go hand in hand - like dance partners, responding to each other, constantly evolving and growing.

But the bottom line is this: what is inside of us is connected to what is outside. The letter of James is a giant sermon….or as we’re calling it, a Giant Preach.

Sermon Description: 

Few aspects of Jesus' life convict as much as his approach to wealth. 

James says that faith in Jesus Christ should eliminate our tendency towards favoritism. If we follow Jesus, we cannot treat some people better than we treat others. In Christ, we set aside culturally derived status or rank. We choose to be servants of all.