Deliver Us: The Prayer of God's People | 1 of 6

Deliver Us: Our Father

Matt Webel
Mar 08, 2020
Series Description

The Lord's Prayer might be most spoken prayer in the world. Yet how often do we pause to consider what the words really mean? The prayer that Jesus taught his people is a powerful invitation to know God, ourselves, and our world. It is an invitation to stop. To stop letting the noise of the crowd and the tyranny of our tasks overwhelm us. In this series, we that the words of this prayer can change us, encourage us, and empower us. 

Sermon Description: 

Jesus invites us to begin our prayers with the words: “Our Father”.  Pause for a moment, consider what that means. Jesus, with these words, invites you to approach God as your father. Believing, trusting that the Mighty King of Creation in heaven, who is the source of all life and new life is also your father.

On what basis do human beings get to call God “Our Father”?

And what difference does it make?