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Daniel 7-12: Cryptic Courage

Marcus Privitt
Feb 10, 2019
Series Description

Daniel is probably most famous for surviving a night with the the lion’s, but his courage was evident long before that night. Taken captive by a hostile culture, Daniel didn’t wither or give in, but flourished and transformed it! Daniel’s bold faithfulness resulted in kings being converted, kingdoms being overturned, and even Christ being worshipped by the Magi centuries later. We'll face many of the same “lions” that Daniel did, so in this series we’ll discover God's faithfulness to use us if we dare to be Daniels in our generation!

Sermon Description: 

“The Bible” is actually a library, containing many books which contain several genres, that tells one unified story. There are genres like narrative, law, poetry, letters, and everything in between. You name the genre, and it’s likely that it’s in in Scripture somewhere.

This diversity makes Scripture more beautiful. Imagine if we had only poetry, or law, or narrative. Praise the Lord that we have a well-rounded collection of books! 

The second half of the book of Daniel, chapters 7 through 12, are just plain weird. How are we supposed to engage these passages of apocalyptic prophetic poetry? 

We’d be unfaithful readers to form an inflexible theology and community around complex passages, but we’d also be unfaithful to act like these passages don’t exist. So we proceed humbly. We're carefully cautious and respectfully reserved as we seek to understand and apply the Bible to our lives.

With that said, there are three essential tools for reading Scripture well: Genre, Context, and yes, Courage. 



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