Daniel | 1 of 5

Daniel 1: Know Your Name - Claiming Our Identity

Matt Webel
Jan 06, 2019
Series Description

Daniel is probably most famous for surviving a night with the the lion’s, but his courage was evident long before that night. Taken captive by a hostile culture, Daniel didn’t wither or give in, but flourished and transformed it! Daniel’s bold faithfulness resulted in kings being converted, kingdoms being overturned, and even Christ being worshipped by the Magi centuries later. We'll face many of the same “lions” that Daniel did, so in this series we’ll discover God's faithfulness to use us if we dare to be Daniels in our generation!

Sermon Description: 

Daniel was a strong, healthy, good-looking young man. The best and finest that Israel had to offer. When Daniel was a teenager, Judah was conquered by the Babylonian empire, the most dominant, powerful on earth at the time.

One way to destroy a people is outright genocide. Another way is cultural assimilation. This is what the Babylonians are after with Daniel. Whatever and whoever Daniel was before, they were determined to reshape his identity. But Daniel knew who he was.

Maybe you’ve forgotten who you are. Over time, your identity got wrapped up in your job, or your family, or your status. You keep trying to and trying, you keep pouring energy and time and money into being the person you think you're supposed to be, or the person the world tells you to be.

Remember who you are. Remember that God was so committed to you, so determined to save you, that he humbled himself so fully that he died a criminal’s death on a cross.

That’s what you’re worth to God.