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Close Encounters: The Woman Who Hid

Matt Webel
Oct 06, 2019
Series Description

Have you ever wanted to feel closer to God, but found connection with God elusive? Have you ever felt like you were going through empty religious activity? In this series, we look at the close encounters that Jesus had with real people in the Gospel of John and explore the ways Christ still meets us exactly where we are. If you've ever wondered, "Who is Jesus?" or "Why is Jesus so important?", this sermon series is for you. 

Sermon Description: 

Consider the possibility that every time God reveals himself to us - every time Jesus said, “THIS is who I am”…it was an act of vulnerability. In the gospel of John, Jesus chooses to share his deepest secret with a wounded, abandoned Samaritan woman who he shouldn't be talking to in the first place. 

In Jesus, God meets us and matches us in our vulnerabilty. He says, "I know what it feels like to be rejected and abaondoned." In the love that vulnerabilty makes possible, this wounded man who was also God offers us a safe relationship where you no longer have to hide.

God knows you. God takes great delight in you. Just ask the Samaritan woman.