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Close Encounters: The Man Who Was Blind

Nomsa Ncube
Nov 03, 2019
Series Description

Have you ever wanted to feel closer to God, but found connection with God elusive? Have you ever felt like you were going through empty religious activity? In this series, we look at the close encounters that Jesus had with real people in the Gospel of John and explore the ways Christ still meets us exactly where we are. If you've ever wondered, "Who is Jesus?" or "Why is Jesus so important?", this sermon series is for you. 

Sermon Description: 

In John 9, Jesus met a man who was born blind - and Jesus healed him. Friends, family, and those in charge demanded to know: Are you the same man? How has this happened?  

The man didn't have formal education. He hadn't completed a seminar on how to communicate effectively. He didn't know how to give a memorarlbe TED talk. But he had met Jesus. He was healed. So that's what he shared. 

The best testimony is one based on a real encounter with God's amazing grace: "This I know: I was blind, but now I see." We don't need formal training to tell people that story.