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Awkward: Is Jesus the Only Way?

Matt Webel
Aug 11, 2019
Series Description

Have you ever felt uneasy reading the Bible? Are there passages that make you raise your eyebrows? You're not alone! In this series we'll take a closer look at some of the Bible passages we usually avoid and discover in them a beauty and truth that just may surprise you!

Sermon Description: 

Few will object to Jesus being a great spiritual guide, but to suggest that Jesus is the only bridge between God and humans, that gets folks upset. Why would God limit salvation to the relative few who’ve had the chance to hear about Jesus?

In our pluralistic age it’s much more popular to suggest that all religions are essentially just different paths up the same mountain. Perhaps God has revealed himself in different ways in different cultures and what you believe doesn’t matter as much as the sincerity with which you believe it.

So which is it? Are there many paths to God…or is Jesus the only way?