COVID-19 Update on Church Gatherings

May 21, 2020

Some churches are meeting in-person in church buildings. Some churches are meeting online. Some are meeting in backhyards. Here is where we stand at Highrock Haverhill.  

In conjuntion with our leadership team and the Highorck Network of Churches, we have concluced that meeting together in person is not yet safe enough for our congregations. We are not convinced we can create a safe or hospitable environment for worship right now. And even if we could gather, we wouldn't be able to sing, have KidsRock, enjoy SoulFood, fellowship or contact of any kind.  

Consequently, in concert with the rest of the Highrock network, we will continue to hold our Sunday services virtually. I know this might not be the news any of us wanted, but I invite you to embrace this new reality with me. You might not love the online services or zoom calls, but I'd ask you to lean in to the opportunities we have. So many are sacrificing so much to care for others - I believe that is our call, too. 

But friends, God IS moving. Church isn't closed! Far from it. People who would not attend church in-person are watching online services and getting a glimpse of God's kingdom. We're still connecting, we're still serving, we're still worshiping, still praying. We have launched five Highrock Hubs, a new, intetional way for us to gather as God's church in smaller settings that cultivate spirtual friendship, connection with God, and opportunities to serve our communities.

Like many of you, I miss our gatherings. Deeply. I miss all of you! But I'm also committing to gathering safely. I suspect that when we do gather as a whole church again, we will be stepping into something new rather than retreating to exactly what we've done in the past. 

So, in closing, pray with me. Pray that we would find new and creative ways to be God's people in this new time. Pray that we would find new ways to connect to each other and God's purposes, new ways to love our neighbors.

With all hope in Christ,