New to Highrock?

Step 1: Connection

Sunday Service

Sunday service at Highrock is comfortable gathering space. It's a place to rejoice, revive, and rest. It's also a messy place where broken people encounter a loving God who desires to heal and transform. It's a place for community: we worship, eat, and laugh together. It's a place for encouragment: we find strength in following Christ alongside one another. Head to our Visit page for more information about service times, location, and more!

Communication Cards

We'd love to get to know you better and help you get connected to our community. Fill out a Communication Card and our welcoming team will reach out to you shortly.

Calendar Events

There's always something going on at Highrock! Check out the Calendar upcoming events. 


Step 2: Community

Gatherings and Events

After you’ve attended one of our Sunday services, join one of our events and gatherings! These tend to be mid-sized spaces that are more conducive to conversation than our Sunday meetings. Check out the Calendar for info on upcoming events and activities!

Join a Ministry Team

Serving in ministry, both inside and outside our church, is how we engage in God’s purposes for our lives. It’s also one of the best ways to meet new people who might even share common interests and passions. Learn about our Ministries and get involved in what God is doing at Highrock!


Step 3: Commitment

Join a Small Group

Small Groups (or as we like to call them, "Hubs") offer programming tailored to the diverse people who make up our church and are an essential part of doing life with one another. We have various Hubs to explore, and each group hosts regular and special events throughout the year. Check out our Hubs page to find a group near you.


Becoming an official member means making Highrock your spiritual home and committing to what God is doing here. This is an invitation to higher commitment and influence as we follow Christ together and share in God's movements in the Merrimack Valley. E-mail for more information on the next Partnership Class.