Spiritual Guides

Spiritual Guides is a new and valuable tool in assessing spiritual health at Highrock Haverhill. Want to know what it's like? Our sister church, Highrock North Shore, created this great introductory video. You might recognize Kristi-Lynn Craig, who has since joined our team in Haverhill!

What is Spiritual Guides?

Let's Be Real

Our lives are so often busy and loud, with school, work, children, friends, spouses, and living. There are so many things intruding in our minds that we often do not have — or can’t figure out how to carve out — a quiet space to reflect on the ways God is working in our lives. Highrock Guides ministry gives us an opportunity to reflect intentionally together. We are all sojourners on this road of life: Let’s walk together.

Our Mission

The mission of Highrock Spiritual Guides is to provide individualized spiritual care and direction. Our prayer is that through the ministry of trained lay leaders and Highrock Staff, each person will be better able to connect to God personally, connect to God’s people, and connect to God’s purposes on this journey of life! Ultimately, we hope our Highrock Guides provide opportunities to pause, listen, reflect on how God is working, and come up with a practical next step in their walk with Christ.  

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