Each child, like each adult, is a valued part of our church family and we want to engage them as much as possible. We believe this so deeply that we want our children to participate in all aspects of worship that are accessible to them. As kids join us in corporate worship, we all benefit.

During COVID-19, during our online services, we intentionally incorporate consistent songs like the Doxology and our Call to Worship. We also keep the services shorter to set boundaries on screen time. With kids in mind, our online sermons are also a crisp 15 minutes and we provide families with sermon handouts to help children of all ages engage together. 

Birth to First Graders

Each Monday, we provide families with younger children (birth through 1st grade) a short video on our YouTube KidsRock playlist. These videos introduce the scripture passage for the week (tied to our upcoming sermon) and walk children through a simple, accessible spiritual practices.

Second to Fifth Graders

Every other week, we create a lesson for children in 2nd through 5th grades. We're currently exploring issues of justice, with a video on Mondays, questions on Wednesdays, and an activity on Fridays. On Sunday nights, our kids jump on a super fun zoom call with our staff team! 

For more information on Kidsrock, reach out to our Kidsrock staff by clicking on the links on the right side of the page.

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