At Highrock Haverhill, children’s ministry is one of the most important things we do. We strive to provide safe spaces for all children to engage the Lord alongside caring adults and their peers. 

Each child, like each adult, is a valued part of our church family and we want to engage them as much as possible. We believe this so deeply that we want our children to participate in all aspects of worship that are accessible to them. As kids join us in corporate worship, we all benefit. At Highrock, you'll see kids running slides, reading scripture, and helping shepherd younger kids. 

Birth to Preschool

Each Sunday, we invite children preschool and younger to Kidsrock where we provide developmentally appropriate space for them to encounter God. After each service, parents recieve an email with the lesson covered and follow up activities to complete as a family. 

Kindergarten through Second Grade

On the first Sunday of each month, we also welcome children K-2nd grade to join Kidsrock during the sermon. 

First Grade and Up

All children are welcome to join the congregatoin during our worship service. To help kids focus and participate, we provide handouts, blank paper, colored pencils, fidgets, and more during our service. 

For more information on Kidsrock, reach out to our Kidsrock staff by clicking on the links on the right side of the page.

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