Liturgy for Fall

Aug 30, 2020
(All day)
United States

The Fall is generally a time for harvest. It’s a season full of familiar rhythms and expectancy that comes after the hard work of plowing, sowing, and planting we’ve done in Spring. In turn, Fall is generally an occasion for thanksgiving; a season filled with gratitude to God for His faithfulness in providing the harvest that will help us endure the dark, dreary Winter ahead. But, for many of us, this Fall doesn’t feel very familiar or expectant.

After a Spring full of totally different and incredibly challenging work - a season when  we had to pivot our plans for plowing and planting - it feels like the incessant rain of 2020 has washed away all of the seeds we’ve sown. Over the last six months, there has been so much happening in our world, and many of us are entering the Fall feeling discouraged, exhausted, and uncertain knowing we will not be able to reap the harvest we’ve anticipated or longed for. We know this season will not be “normal.” It will not have the rhythms and bounty it’s always had. And yet, even as the leaves change colors and wither to the ground, there is still life bursting forth all around us.

Even when the land seems desolate, we trust that our God is bringing forth new life in the midst of all that feels dead.

So, today, we’re inviting you to pause - to pause to acknowledge grief and celebrate life. You’re invited to consider the things you’ve had to let go of as well as the things you’re stepping into moving forward. Because there has certainly been so much to grieve in this season, and yet there are still things growing and new things God is inviting you to step into.