Highrock Has Fun - Fisher Cats Baseball

Jun 20, 2021
1:35 pm to 5:00 pm
169 South Commercial Street, Manchester NH 03101
United States

One stereotype of the church is that everyone is somber and serious all the time. But the picture we see in scripture is that God's people journey through all the stages of life together. We mourn and grieve together AND we celebrate and laugh. 

When we first launched Highrock Haverhill we built in some activities just because they were fun...and we called them Highrock Has Fun. We wanted joy and connection to be part of our DNA from the start. Now more than ever, we want to cultivate opportunities throughout the summer to REconnect and make NEW connections. That's why we're alternating Sunday services with connecting events.  

Highrock Has Fun

On Sunday, June 20th, instead of a Sunday Servcie, we'll host Highrock Has Fun: Fisher Cats Baseball

Manchester, NH is home to the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, a minor league team affiliated with the Toronto Blue Jays. On Father's Day they play a home game, and we're GOING!  Not only are they having some kind of team placard give-a-way, but after the game is over all the kids can run the bases. It's a beautiful stadium and a great way to spend an afternoon together. Plus, fisher cats are spectacular creatures. 

One of the best parts is that they're giving us a sweet group deal. For $16 (lower cost ticket packages are available), each person getsL

  • a ticket to the game
  • a legit quality Fishercats hat
  • a hot dog, a bag of chips, and a 20oz. drink!

Sign up with the button below - you'll get a chance to choose how many tickets and at what level you want. We have room for everyone, so feel free to bring friends and family along, too.